Club Code of Conduct

West London Lacrosse is committed to creating a culture for our sport that provides opportunities for all to participate in keeping with the spirit of our game. We are asking you to play your part to adhere to and promote our Code of Conduct.

We all have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a way that honours the ‘spirit of the game’ by respecting others and promoting high standards of behaviour on and off the field. As a player, official, committee member or supporter we all have a big part to play.

On and off the field, I will:

  • Display and promote high standards of behaviour
  • Play to win but always adhere to the rules, etiquette and spirit of the game
  • Promote fair play
  • Always set a positive example in terms of effort, commitment and support for team mates, regardless of how well or badly they or the team is performing
  • Accept winning and losing, success and failure equally, gracefully and with good spirit
  • Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour
  • Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment
  • Speak to my teammates, the opposition, the match officials and supporters with respect regardless of the result or situation of the game
  • Show due respect to all match officials, play to the whistle and accept their decisions without protest or dissent. Understand that without them, there would be no game
  • Respect the decisions of captains and committee who have been elected by the club to make decisions on our behalf
  • Be aware of my online presence and behaviour and ensure any messages or posts adhere to the positive spirit of our game
  • Report any concerns or breaches of this code to the club Welfare Officer who will deal with the matter appropriately
  • If you feel you need support or have felt uncomfortable and want a confidential conversation please talk with the club Welfare Officer
  • Most of all have FUN!