1st Team

West London 1st Team play in the South East Premiership

Match dates for the 2018/2019 season are:

Sunday 9th September vs. Blues (Away) – 10:00 draw

Sunday 23rd September vs. Clapham (Home) – 10:00 draw

Sunday 30th September vs. Putney (Home) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 7th October vs. Central London (Away) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 14th October vs. Centaurs (Away) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 21st October vs. Newbury (Home) – 10:00 draw

Sunday 27th October – Clubs & Colleges

Saturday 3rd November – Jan Kiddle Cup

Sunday 4th November – Rosebowl

Sunday 11th November vs. Hawks (Away) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 9th December vs. Blues (Home) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 16th December vs. Clapham (Away) – 12:00 draw

Sunday 13th January vs. Putney (Away) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 20th January vs. Central London (Home) – 10:00 draw

Sunday 27th January – Indoor Tournament

Sunday 3rd February vs. Centaurs (Home) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 10th February vs. Newbury (Away) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 24th February vs. Hawks (Home) – 11:00 draw

Sunday 3rd March – Rosebowl

Sunday 14th April – League Playoffs

Sunday 27th April – Clubs and Colleges